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Running Tips in Winter Weather


You have been faithful to your daily outdoor running schedule from last spring until now. But, the days are getting colder, and darkness is coming earlier each day. There will be icy roads and bad weather conditions interrupting your daily running.

You are concerned that you will lose the benefits of daily running during the winter months. You may not be able to run every day due to weather and road conditions, but you can still run in clear winter weather.

Here are some safety guidelines tips from the Road Runners Club of America for winter weather running:

  • Avoid headphones or earplugs so you can hear potential threats, such as cars or falling branches.
  • Don’t run when the weather is icy. If you do go out, make sure your shoes have plenty of traction.
  • As the days get shorter, wear bright or reflective gear, so motorists can see you.
  • Dress in layers.
  • If you start shivering, it’s a sign that your body is losing heat. Don’t ignore this potential sign of hypothermia.
  • Know where to find shelter on your route.
  • If you drive before you start running, keep a blanket and change of clothes in your car.



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