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Rainy Day Exercises for Young Children

Coach Campbell writes about the need for rainy day exercises for young children.Hi, I’m Coach (Ned) Campbell and I don’t just play a coach on “Can Do “Street; I am a coach.  Coach Campbell suggests rainy day exercises for young children

I am a USA Wrestling nationally certified wrestling coach and was named the 2009 Beat the Streets Wrestling High School Coach of the Year.  I also serve as the President of the New York City Public School Wrestling Coaches Association. I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in American studies and later earned my graduate degree in American history from Brooklyn College.  I teach history at a large public high school in Brooklyn, New York where in addition to coaching the wrestling team I was the Assistant Head Coach of varsity football.

Now as I spend my days with hundreds of young teenagers, I can tell you from personal experience that many incoming freshmen are not physically fit and healthy.  Many come to me having never done anything athletic before in their lives.  So, I cannot stress enough the importance of early childhood exercise and development of good, healthy lifestyle choices at a young age.

One common obstacle to daily exercise is the weather.  When confined to the indoors I suggest “Rainy Day Exercises” as an alternative to just sitting around.  It also helps to have a workout partner which can be a sibling, a friend over on a play-date or even you. Once you get started a daily exercise routine can quickly become a good habit anyone can be proud of!

Rainy Day Exercises

Any number of stretches for flexibility and as a warm-up:

  1. Feet apart, slow stretch and touch the floor with your fingertips…hold it for 10 seconds and no bouncing
  2. Deep knee bend and elbows on inside of knees and hands on feet…slow push out of the elbows to stretch the groin muscles. Again, slow and no bouncing /herky jerky movements.
  3. Trunk twisters with hands on hips.
  4. Circle the arms forwards and backwards, small and big circles.


  1. Leg raises – lie flat on your back, keep legs straight and raise them 6-8 inches off the floor…hold for 10 seconds.
  2. Flutter kicks – lie flat on your back, but straight legs are going up and down like you are doing a backstroke in the pool.
  3. Sit-ups
  4. Push-ups – back straight and on your knees to start until you build up strength. Keep a straight back with no bowing, sagging, etc.
  5. Various exercises with dumbbell weights…and since this is for home use the dumbbells can be homemade from things that might be thrown away…SUCH AS…empty plastic jugs that used to contain iced tea, milk, juices, etc.  Take two identical plastic jugs and fill them equally with water. Seal them tight and they are perfect for weights for bicep curls, overhead presses and shrugs.

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