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A Free Copy of our Christmas Book


Please take advantage of our Anniversary Celebration; order your free copy of our Christmas book, first published in 2015. We are giving away 1, 000 copies of Can Santa Find Me on Christmas?

The book, which sells for $7.99, is free while the supply lasts. There is a one copy limit per address and $2.99 charge for shipping and handling.

This hard-cover book is about how the “Can Do” Kids deal with every kid’s fear when away from home on Christmas.

What anniversary are we celebrating? We are actually celebrating two anniversaries. The first anniversary, 25 years ago, celebrates when the concept of  creating “Can Do”Street came about. As an educator of young children, I was always looking for ways of helping them to make good choices to be safe, to practice socially acceptable behaviors, and be a friend.

When I attended an Apple seminar on a new computer suitable for school and home use, I thought I had found my medium…interactive, animated programs that could run on school and home computers. The idea was ahead of its time. It would be years before there was a computer in every classroom and in most homes.

The second anniversary, 6 years ago, celebrates the launch of “Can Do” Street offering animated, interactive programs and games that help young children make good choices about subjects such as friendship, sharing, being kind, personal safety, and other life skills.

We hope you will take advantage of our free Christmas book gift! To do so just click on the Store logo in the right column on this page.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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