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I am a Ghostwriter

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I am a Ghostwriter. If you have a story or a message that needs writing, I can write it for you. 

You know me as the creator of and content writer for Can Do Street, but I am a Ghostwriter as well. Can Do Street is one of the programs of my company, Campbell Development Group(CDG), CDG is a digital and print media company.  For over 25 years, I’ve ghostwritten for individuals, and for profit and nonprofit corporations. When the digital world became a reality, my ghostwriting expanded from print media to include digital media products.

Campbell Development Group, LLC is a New York City Certified Woman Business Enterprise (52872-82010). It is also a New York State Certified Woman Business Enterprise (54222). As such, I am vetted by these agencies.  While my company is certified in New York, I can and do have clients throughout the U.S.

I ghostwrite for individuals, organizations, and corporations with a message they want to share in digital or print media. However, they don’t have the time or inclination to write it themselves. In addition to writing children’s content, such as books and short stories, I ghostwrite for adults on a variety of topic areas.  One area of specialization include families caring for children with special needs. As a cancer survivor, I also specialize in  ghostwriting for women and men wanting to share their cancer stories.

My ghostwriting services are confidential. I sign a confidentiality agreement assuring that I will not identify a client or reference his or her work. On my CDG website, there are samples of my freelance work, not my ghostwriting work. Samples of my freelance work are on the CDG home page. The digital portfolio references additional samples of my work.

My ghostwriting products and pricing can be seen on

If you need a ghostwriter, please call me for more information about my services.

Jean Campbell


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