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What’s Special About the Month Coming up?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015



The Relatives Scramble

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

relativesMiss Pat was reading a story about a girl and her relatives.

She soon realized that some of the “Can Dos” were having a hard time with the idea of relatives.

Miss Pat decided to have the “Can Dos” go to their computers and play the relatives jumble.  Some of the “Can Dos” had a hard time. Let’s see how you do!

Just go to

Be sure to try to answer the scramble on the first page before looking at the 2nd page, which has the answers.



Source: For more fun puzzles, be sure to visit Evelyn B. Christensen, Ed.D. *Double Digit Decoders: Addition *and* Subtraction *(MindWare) *Kentucky Puzzles *(History Press) Author or co-author of 41 other books


Writing: Storytelling on Paper

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Miss Pat said, “Most of you need help with writing. You need to practice writing if you are going to get good at it. CSo…for the next few days, you are each going to tell me a story and then you are going to write your story down on paper”

The “Can Dos” started to find reasons why Teacher Pat’s idea was not a good idea; all except Wendy, that is. Wendy loves writing and she thought Miss Pat’s idea was just great!

Willie asked,”Why do we have to do this?” Teacher Pat smiled and answered, “Why, because writing is telling a story on page.”

With that, Teacher Pat took out a picture and posted it where everyone could see.Then she said, “What is going on in this picture is what you are going to make up a story about that you can use in your writing assignment.”

writing“Remember when telling a story, or writing a story,” said Teacher Pat,”a good story answer’s the 5 Ws and 1H questions.”

Hector asked what everyone was thinking when he said,” What are they?”

Miss Pat answered, “In this case, the 5Ws questions are…what is happening, who is happening to,  where is it happening, why is it happening and when is it happening? As far as the 1H …how is it happening?”

Teacher Pat gave the class an hour to make up a story that contained the 5Ws and the 1H. Then she told them that she would begin to call on them to share their stories in class the next day. When everyone had a chance to share his or her story, then it would be time for each one of them to write a story using the correct grammar an punctuation and turn it in for a grade. The best story would be put up on the bulletin board outside the principal’s office for all to see.

Okay, why don’t you make up a story along with the “Can Dos”? Remember to name  the puppy and give your story a title.



The First Day Back…Counting Exercises

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Miss Pat and counting gamesThe first day back to school after the holiday break was hard for the “Can Dos” and Teacher Pat was having a hard time getting and holding their attention.

Kathy fell asleep and Annie had to nudge her with her elbow to wake up. Bobby was doodling in his notebook. Hector looked bored and Nellie and Maria kept whispering to each other.

“Class,” said Miss Pat,”I can see you are all having a hard time getting back into a listening and learning while sitting in your seats.

So, all of you go to your computers and we will do some counting exercises.”

Willie shrugged and said, “Miss Pat, I know how to count. What do I need the computer to count”?

Miss Pat answered, “Willie, I knew everyone would be having a hard time paying attention their first day back, so I made up two counting games to play on the computer. In the games you will be counting by 3’s and by 4’s.”

Nellie, looked nervous. “That sounds hard, she said. “Oh, it will be fun,” said Orrie. “Okay for you to say, Orrie.You are good at math.” answered Nellie.

Once the class was settled in at their computers, Miss Pat directed them to go to the “Can Do’ Club House, then click on games and choose the counting game. First play counting by 3’s. Then play counting by 4’s.

The room grew quiet for the first time all day as the class got busy playing the counting game.

Why don’t you try the counting game boys and girls at home? Just follow Miss Pat’s instructions.


Jump Rope Isn’t Just for Girls!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

jump rope“Jump rope is not just for girls; boys jump rope too.” said Kathy.

“Jump rope is sissy. It’s just for girls,” said Hector. “Not true,” said Teacher Pat.

The class was discussing things to do at recess when the weather gets nicer and it was possible to play in the school yard. Teacher Pat called on Kathy to talk about jump rope since that is her favorite thing to do, and she is very good at it. “Kathy, please  tell the class about the history of jump rope and who jumps rope,” asked Miss Pat.

Kathy answered, “I’d be glad to Miss Pat. According to the Jump Rope Institute, jumping rope dates back to 1600 B.C. It began in Egypt.

Grown ups jump rope for exercise and to get fit. Fighters and wrestlers are just a few of the adults who use jump rope to prepare for a match. Some women use jump rope to lose weight and get in shape. Most grown ups do single jumping with one person holding the handles of the rope, swinging  it over his or her head and jumping over the rope before it touches the ground. With that, Kathy shows the class how it is done.

When you see the girls jumping in the school yard, we jump rope one of two ways. First, two girls hold the rope at each end and turn it and one girl jumps in. She jumps until she misses or gets tired, whatever comes first. The second way, and it is harder, is to jump Double Dutch.  To play Double Dutch you need two ropes and two girls, one at each end of the ropes that are  strong enough to turn the ropes, each  in the opposite direction, while one girl jumps rope.  Sometimes it’s fun to sing rhyming songs while we jump.

That’s all I know about jump rope,” said Kathy. “Thank you, Kathy,” said Miss Pat. The class clapped and then Maria raised her hand and waited for Miss Pat to call on her. When she did, Maria challenged the boys to a jump rope match against the girls during recess in the gym.  What could they say? They had to accept now that they knew that jump rope was for everybody, not just girls.

Well, how do you think the boys did in the jump rope match? How do you think you would do in a jump rope match?