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Line Up inAlphabetical Order

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Miss Pat asked the class to form a line in the front of the classroom. Well, that seemed easy enough until she added,”Class, I want you to line up in alphabetical order.”

line up“Huh,” said Willie. “That’s hard,” said Maria.

The other “Can Dos” just mumbled each other’s names. 

They tried to figure out what letter each of their names began with so they would now how to line up

Maybe you can help them line up. Here are their names. List their names in alphabetical order and that is how they need to line up.






Arthur Jay


























The Animal Word Jumble

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

It was the first day back to school after the the Thanksgiving holiday and the “Can Dos” were having a hard time settling down and doing their work.

Miss Pat decided to make a game out of the spelling lesson and handed out a word jumble for the class to play.

Why not play along and see how you do? Just print out this post and use a pencil to circle the words you see that match the words in the word list.

animal word jumble


The Thanksgiving Quiz

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Miss Pat could see that the “Can Dos” were getting restless the closer it got to the Thanksgiving Day and a four-day weekend.

She decided to give the class a matching game Thanksgiving Quiz to see what they knew about Thanksgiving Day. She also thought it was a good way to help them build vocabulary while learning how to spell things related to Thanksgiving.

“Class,” said Miss Pat, “Go to your computers and go to the club house. Choose games and then choose Thanksgiving. Follow the directions and let’s see how well you do in matching the names of things to the pictures of things we are used to seeing for Thanksgiving. Be sure to check yourself out when you finish to see how many words and pictures you matched correctly.”

Boys and Girls, why don’t you play the Thanksgiving matching game along with the “Can Dos”. Just follow Miss Pat’s directions and see how much you know about Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving from “Can Do” Street!


Animals Have Homes

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

animals have homesMiss Pat asked,”Do you know that animals have homes”?

Some of the “Can Dos” looked confused, then Hector raised his hand and said,” Yeah, cats and dogs and fish and gerbils and hamsters make their homes with us, because they are our pets.” He looked so proud of himself and the class all nodded their heads in approval.

Miss Pat smiled and said, “Well, you are right, Hector, but I was speaking of animals that are not pets. I am referring to animals that live outdoors or in the water.”

Orrie raised his hand and When Miss Pat called on him, he said,” Cows live on a farm.” Miss Pat nodded, “That’s right, Orrie, they live on a farm but what do they live in on the farm? Where to they stay when it is raining or cold or when it is night time and time for sleep.”?

Willie raised his hand and said, ” They live in a barn on the farm.”

“Excellent,” said Miss Pat,”There are so many animals and they all have homes. So let’s go to our computers and play two new games I made for you. They are both about animals and where they live.”

Once the “Can Dos” were at their computers, Miss Pat gave them them directions for finding and playing the two new matching games. She reminded them that these games would help with vocabulary building and spelling as well as helping them learn where the animals live.

Why don’t you play along boys and girls at home? Just follow these directions from Miss Pat.

  • Go to the “Can Do” club house
  • Choose games
  • Play the games called Animal Homes  and Animals in Water


Interactive Matching Games Make Vocabulary Fun

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Miss Pat and vocabularyMiss Pat knows that many of the “Can Dos” are not fans of vocabulary lessons. She also knows that learning learning new vocabulary words is important. The big question for her…how to get the “Can Dos interested and excited about learning the names of people places and things and to spell them correctly.

Miss Pat  tried using flash cards and other word games and some of the class liked learning vocabulary that way, but it wasn’t enough. So, she thought and thought and then it came to her. She would create matching games on the computers and let each “Can Do” match the name of an object with the object. The game would tell each “Can Do” if they got it right or wrong.

That afternoon, when the class  usually had vocabulary time, Miss Pat asked all the children to go to their computers and turn them on. The class was thrilled because they thought…computer time instead of vocabulary time.

They were so surprised when she had them go to their computers and go to the  “Can Do” Club House  where they found two new games. The first was called vegetables and the second was called fruits.

“Class,” said Miss Pat,”Today we are having today’s vocabulary lesson by playing two interactive matching games.  You may recognize some of the names for some of the objects. Do the best you can and then choose the button that says correct and see how you did.”

The class grew quiet as they played the games and checked their answers. Miss Pat waited until everyone was finished the games and asked, “How did everyone do?”  Hector raised his hand and said, “I have to play this game a lot.  I didn’t do so well.”Some of the other “Can Dos” shook their heads in agreement.

Of course Orrie did well, not perfect, but well, but then again he always does.

Miss Pat asked the class to come back to their seats and take out a piece of paper. “Class, write a sentence about each of the fruits you matched in the game. Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with a period. Let’s see what you remember from the matching game you just played and how well you spelled the names of the fruits.”

Boys and girls reading this post, why don’t you see how you can do? Go to the “Can Do” Club House, choose games, look for the games called fruits/vegetables and start playing. When you are finished playing both games and check how many right answers you got, why don’t you use each of the objects you matched correctly in a sentence?