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Is Sharing Always a Good Idea?

Friday, March 25th, 2011

picture of grandma Maureen Grandma Maureen and Arthur J saw a situation that made them ask, “Is sharing always a good idea”?

Grandma Maureen and her grandson Arthur J were having lunch out at the diner on “Can Do” Street.  At the table next to them there were two mothers and their sons also having lunch. The boys looked and sounded like they were about 3 years old.

The one boy kept bouncing around on his seat, whining and hanging on to his mother’s arm. The other boy ate his lunch quietly and let his mom enjoy her lunch.

The waiter came over to the table and asked if the boys wanted a treat. The boy who had been eating quietly was finished his lunch and asked his mom if he could have an ice cream. His mom said yes. The other boy had left most of his lunch on his plate, but his mother asked him if he wanted ice cream. ” No,” he said loudly, “I want a smoothie.” His mom reminded him that he didn’t eat his lunch and a smoothie would be a lot to drink. He began to cry and slide down in his seat. His mom gave in and ordered him a smoothie.

When the treats arrived, the boy with the ice cream was enjoying his treat, while the boy with the smoothie took a couple of sips and said, “I don’t want this. I want ice cream.”

Grandma Maureen and Arthur J couldn’t help listening and watching. They wanted to see what would happen next!

The mother of the boy who wanted the ice cream turned to the other boy and said, ” Would you mind sharing half of your ice cream “? Before the boy could even answer, his own mother took his bowl of ice cream, scooped out half of it and gave it to the other boy!

Grandma Maureen and Arthur J couldn’t believe their eyes!

The boy who lost half his ice cream pulled his dish close to him and gobbled up what was left as fast as he could. The other boy grinned at him while eating what was once his ice cream.

Arthur J felt mad about what he had just seen. “Grandma,” he said, ” That  just wasn’t fair!  The boy never got a chance to say whether or not he wanted to share. He was forced to share. I don’t know who I feel madder at, the selfish boy who took his ice cream and ate it, or  the mom who asked him to share his ice cream, or his mom who just took his dish and gave his ice cream away. “

Grandma Maureen nodded and said, “Sharing isn’t always a good idea.There were lots of ways that could have been handled fairly. Maybe the boys and girls hearing this story can come up with some other ways than what we just saw.”

What do you think boys and girls? Do you have any ideas?


The Cooking Club Made Raspberry Cream for the Red Hat Society Ladies

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

A raspberry cream pudding served in a tall glass dishThe “Can Do” Kids Cooking Club’s Raspberry Cream Dessert Was a Big Hit at the Red Hat Society  Ladies Meeting !

The local chapter of the ladies of the Red Hat Society met at the “Can Do” Street Community Center yesterday. Members of the “Can Do” Street Cooking Club made a special dessert in their honor. Since the ladies always wear red hats, Yundi suggested a dessert that had red in it.  The other members of the cooking club liked that idea and began thinking of things that were red.

Annie suggested  strawberry jello . Hector suggested strawberry ice cream since that is his favorite and he was hoping there would be left overs!   Nellie suggested red velvet cake. Bobbie suggested strawberry shortcake.

Then Kathy came up with the winning suggestion…raspberry cream pudding. Everybody cheered! Not only is it a pretty dessert, it always tastes great and is so easy to make.

The Red Hat ladies loved the raspberry cream and gave the cooking club a round of applause.

The “Can Do” Cooking Club thought you might like the recipe just in case you want to make raspberry cream for your family.

Raspberry Cream -Recipe for 4 -1/2 cup servings before adding the raspberries


1 pkg. of instant vanilla pudding (1 oz)

2 cups of  cold 1% milk

1 pt of fresh raspberries

Can of Redi Whip topping

Chocolate syrup for drizzling the to of the dessert(optional)


1 medium sized, deep bowl

4 dessert dishes large enough to hold pudding topped with fruit and cream

Wire whisk or electric hand mixer

Liquid measuring cup


A few sheets of paper towels


Pour milk into  the bowl

Add vanilla pudding

Beat with a wire whisk or on low speed of electric hand mixer for 2 min.

Let set for 5 minutes

Wash and gently pat dry raspberries with paper towels

Spoon pudding into  4 dessert dishes, leave room for fruit

Arrange raspberries on top of fruit, covering all of pudding

Swirl whipped topping on the middle of the raspberries

Drizzle chocolate syrup (optional)

Serve and watch everyone enjoy Raspberry Cream!