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Safety Smart

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Nellie and Willie like to play in Grandma Hattie’s from yard. The other day they saw a dog sitting alone in the street and looking at them Willie wanted to go over to the dog, but Nellie said, “ No Willie, don’t go near the dog. Let’s get Grandpa Dooley. He will know what to do.” Do you think Nellie was right? Why?

Kathy loves to jump rope. Sometimes instead of jumping rope in the playground or on the sidewalk, she jumps rope in the street.  Why isn’t it a good idea to jump rope in the street?

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What Can A “Can Do” Do?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hector’s skateboard rolled down a hill into a tree when he wasn’t using it. The skateboard doesn’t work so well now. Hector wants a new skateboard. There is a skateboard derby coming up and he is so good at skateboarding that he thinks he can win first prize. Hector’s mom says if he wants a new skateboard he will have to earn the money to buy it by doing chores around the house.

What chores do you think Hector can do to earn the money for a new skateboard?

When you write be sure sign your email with your “Can Do” ID and not your name.


What Can A “Can Do” Do?

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Hi, I’m Miss Sue! I am the director of the Community Center.

The other day Wendy came to me with a problem. She borrowed Eulyn’s crayons during arts and crafts. She forgot to give them back at the end of the session. She lost them on the way home because she had a hole in her bag. Before I tell her what I think she needs to do, I would like to hear what you think she can do to make  things right.

*Remember, when you write me, sign your email with your “Can Do” ID and not your name.


Meet A “Can Do”…Meet Nellie

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Nellie and her brother, Willie, live with their grandparents, Grandma Hattie and Grandpa Dooley while their mom is in the army. Nellie and Willie miss their mom but they are very proud of her. They know she is serving her country. They write her every day and look forward to her letters.

Nellie likes school and going to the community center. She loves to use the computer to play learning programs that help her with math and writing. Nellie jumps rope with  Kathy, Maria and Eulyn. Sometimes she shoots hoops with Annie.

Nellie wears a dog tag just like her mom wears in the army. On it she has important information about where she lives and her grandparents’ telephone numbers. The dog tag is her identification card ( I.D.) in case she gets lost or in trouble and needs to get help.  Nellie got lost once and her I.D. card helped Policewoman Paula call her grandparents. Do you have an I.D. card? Where do you keep your I.D. card?