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Pre-K Games for Spring Camp Began with Crunch and Toss

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Miss Sue asked Jay to come to the front of the room and demonstrate to the Pre-K campers how to play Crunch and Toss.

As Jay walked to the front of the room he was carrying 3 paper plates and some sheets of different colored paper.  When he got to the front of the room he placed the white paper plates on one of the  tables the campers use for crafts.

The campers saw the numbers on the three plates…10…20…30. Jay placed the plates close to one another, but not too close. Then he put down 6 sheets of paper in two different colors.

He turned to the campers and said, “Crunch and Toss is played in teams of two. Since we have 10 campers, that’s five teams. Miss Sue please help form the teams and give them each a table to play on.”

crunch and toss is a game played with paper plates, and colored paperOnce this was done, Jay gave each team, at each table, 3 paper plates with the numbers 10, 20, 30 on them and 3 sheets of one color of  paper and 3 sheets of a different color. Then Jay said, “First you take your sheets of paper and you crunch them into a ball for tossing on to the plates. Each camper gets three turns to score 50 points. The camper who scores 50 points first is the winner. If neither camper scores 50 points, on their first 3 tries, they play until one of them wins. I will keep score for the game. “

Then Jay asked Bobby and Kathy and Hector and Maria and Orrie to each take a table and a team and help the campers to play Crunch and Toss by crunching  their sheets of  paper into balls and tossing the paper balls into the plates.

At first, some of the campers had a hard time aiming and landing on the plates when they tossed their paper balls, but soon they were scoring and having fun. Before they knew it the games session of Crunch and Toss was over and it was time for the campers to move on to the next activity.


Bear Face Waffle Craft…Make and Eat

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

bear face craft made from different size waffles, cream cheese and pieces of fruitAnnie was all excited as she took her craft to the front of the room to show the class what she made.

As she held it up the craft for all to see she said,  “This is a bear face that I made out of two mini waffles and one regular waffle. I decorated my craft project with strawberry cream cheese and made eyes out of blueberries and a nose out of the tip of the strawberry and the mouth out of a strip of strawberry.”

Before she could say anything else, Willie yelled out,You could have done a better job spreading the cream cheese on the waffles.” Annie’s face turned red and she stared at him, saying, ” Willie Hunt, I did that on purpose. This is a little kids craft. If  I make it perfect looking, they will feel bad if they can’t make the craft to look as good as mine. ”

Miss Hattie smiled at Annie and said, That’s very thoughtful of you Annie! Why don’t you continue with what you were saying before Willie yelled out at you”? Annie gave Willie a look , smiled at Miss Hattie and said, ” After the children make this craft, they can eat is as a snack!

All you need to make this craft  with 10 children is one box of frozen waffles, one box of frozen mini waffles, one tub of strawberry cream cheese, a small container of fresh blueberries, a small container of fresh strawberries, paper plates and one package of plastic knives.”

Miss Hattie thanked Annie  and all the “Can Do” Kids that come up with a craft idea for spring camp. Then she said, You gave me so many good craft ideas that Miss Sue wants to talk to you all about games the Pre-K group can play in spring camp.”


Name Card Crafts

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Eulyn raised her hand and when Miss Hattie called on her she said, “I have a project for the preschool crafts class that is both practical and fun.

I brought a sample with me to show you and the class. May I tell you about it and show you the sample”?

Miss Hattie smiled and answered saying, “Of course Eulyn, we would all like to hear and see what you brought in as a project for my crafts class”  Eulyn beamed and said, “This is a craft for the first day of camp that will help the teachers and the volunteers quickly get to know the children’s names without having to ask them all the time.

I’m talking about name tags that the children can make in crafts class and wear in all their other classes and activities.”

the crafts class will make decorated name tagsEulyn held up a name tag that was decorated all around the edges with small stickers and had a space in the middle for a child’s name. She said, “In the first crafts class on the Monday of Spring Camp, each child would be given 5 name tags, the kind that you wear right on your clothes; a nontoxic magic marker, and enough small stickers to decorate 5 cards. Those boys and girls who already print can put their names in the middle of their cards.  Volunteers will help those boys and girls who don’t, as yet, print to write their names on their cards.

Doing five cards will keep the boys and girls busy for the whole crafts class and they will each have a new name card for every day of camp.” Eulyn smiled and sat down.

The class clapped and Miss Hattie said, “I like your idea Eulyn. You’re right, it is practical and the children will be very proud to wear the tags. It will definitely make things a lot easier for the teachers. Now they don’t have to keep looking up a child’s name on the attendance sheet”!

Just then Annie raised her hand and said, “Miss Hattie, I have a craft that is fun to make and then you can eat it.” Miss Hattie looked pleased and answered, ” Sounds good, Annie, but you will need to wait to tell us about it until the next crafts class because we are almost out of time.

See you all in our next crafts class.”


Jewelry You Can Eat and No Muss Paint Crafts

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Miss Hattie called the crafts class to order.

picture of grandma hattie with her hand on her hipThen she asked Nellie to come up and show and tell the class how to make jewelry that the preschoolers can make, wear and eat in crafts class.

Nellie came up to the front of the room holding a necklace made of  a very long red licorice lace with colored Lifesaver Gummies hanging from it. Picture of a necklace for crafts class made of red licorice and lifesaver gummies

“OK, everybody this is what you need to make 4 necklaces,” said Nellie.

Materials for 4 necklaces

1 bag of Lifesaver Gummies

1 bag of licorice laces (black or red)

4 small, but sturdy rubber bands

“And this is how you make the necklaces,” said Nellie.


Measure the licorice so the necklace will hang  in the middle of the chest on each child when finished and fit over the head with plenty of room.

Cut the licorice.

Let each child string the lifesaver gummies on his or her licorice, using 8 lifesavers.

Help each child with tying the licorice in a knot and then holding it in place with a rubber band.

“Thank you Nellie! Well done,” said Miss Hattie. “We will definitely make your necklace in crafts class.

Now it is Orrie’s turn to tell us about his no muss paint for crafts class.”

Orrie asked his table mates to clear the table for four that they shared with him. He took a big piece of Saran Wrap and covered the table tightly. Then he reached into his bag on the back of his chair and took out a big can of shaving cream and sprayed it evenly all over the Saran Wrap on the  table. Then he asked Jay to help him gently cover the shaving cream with more saran wrap, making sure it was tightly joined to the underneath Saran Wrap.

Then Orrie invited Jay, Willie, and Yundi to demonstrate how to make shapes in the shaving cream on the table and not get their hands messy. When they were done the boys carefully removed the wrapping from the table as one big piece and threw it in the trash. Their hands were clean, the table was clean and the floor was clean. Everyone clapped, even Miss Hattie!

Just then the bell rang and it was time to go home. Miss Hattie said, “Well done Orrie I will be using your idea in crafts class. Thanks again to both you and Nellie.  If anyone has other crafts suggestions, please bring them to next week’s session.”

Miss Hattie was so excited with what Nellie and Orrie did that she said, “My crafts class for preschoolers is going to be very special”!